Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ruby Tuesday....Going Digital

I can't even imagine how much pavement and typewriter keys were pounded in all the years of research that Ruby and all the other genealogists did to give us the records that are now being digitized.

I've been working on digitizing Ruby's Book on Grandma Fern's side of the Family as well as digging for more on The Vandercars and of course, I continue to steal info from Cousin Jane, who has put in thousands of hours on the Grandma Bryant's side of the family.

I feel like such a cheater, cause all I do is enter a name and "leafs" show up with hints to follow to add more and more info to the family records.

Thank You to all the REAL genealogists who paved the way for us WannaBes to come in and make it look easy!

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Ed said...

So true, so true!