Saturday, May 13, 2017

Picture Window

"When you get where you're goin'...
Don't forget turn back around.
Help the next one in line...
Always stay Humble and Kind."

Dear Mom,

On the Eve of my 53rd celebration of having you as my mom and our 18th Mother's Day of you journeying on ahead of us...

I am hoping that Heaven has a picture window.

I hope that you can see how this picture has changed.
How these Grands of yours have grown,
how many wives and husbands have been added,
how your Daughters and Sons have become awesome Grandmas and Grandpas
and how many Greats those Grands have added.

My goodness how this picture has grown!

I'm pretty confident that there IS a window...
or at the very least a mirror.

Because I see your beautiful smile,
your humble gentleness
and your wonderful kindness in each and every one of them.

We all love you 
and We all miss you.
Happy Mother's Day Mom.

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The above quote is from the song Humble and Kind made famous by the country singer Tim McGraw.
But, you know what?
It was written by a mom.
Lori Mckenna is a songwriter and she wrote it as a simple prayer and a list of everything she wanted to make sure to tell her kids.

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