Thursday, June 15, 2017

That's (Indy) Cub

During my last hour of work a co-worker who is a huge fan of the Game of Baseball finished a buy and asked if I wanted a special edition newspaper filled with pictures of the Cubs winning the World Series. 
We looked thru it together and I said...
I'm getting a little verklempt just thinking about how magical that last game was...

I went to put some records out and saw a customer wearing a Bryant Jersey and as I passed by him I said, "We were just reliving that last game!"
"It was a great one!" He said with a smile."

I was in the back room, getting ready to leave and was paged to the register.
I called and was prepared to give the "I'm done...not here" response, when the co-worker from before said, "There's something you need to see up here."
I went to the register and he pointed out the window...
showing me this:

I turned around and the guy with the Bryant Jersey was nearby.
"Is that your truck?" I asked.
He nodded.
"Wow! That's commitment! Can I take a selfie with your truck?"

I came back inside and he was headed toward the door...
I then noticed that he not only had a Jersey on, but was decked out, head to toe, Cubs Jersey, belt buckle, shoes and socks!

I said "Thank You! That's the Best Thing I've seen all day!" And I shook his hand.

It's a good thing I saw this car while it was parked and I wasn't driving...
I may have crashed my car doing a double take or trying to get a picture!

The great thing is...
I posted on Facebook about seeing a FireFly and marveling at the wonder of those bugs and my friend Mary commented:

"May today be filled with uplifting sightings and events, and this evening be filled with a bevy of fireflies!"

Talk about an uplifting sighting!!!

Directions to here:

Bookstore secret:
Don't tell Boots or my Boss, but since the Cubs won the World Series...
Every customer that is wearing anything to do with the Cubs, gets an automatic 10% off when I'm running the register.

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